Together we can make great things!

Who We Are

Let our team help you create the product you envisioned.

Joining forces from many different backgrounds, we are unified in our will to creatively solve problems. It is our desire to not only generate amazing user experiences but also to create sound objects, backed up with rational, well thought out technical solutions.

Our creativity is grounded in the real-world constraints of manufacturability. We understand materials and production processes. Our prototyping and production documentation capabilities ensure that we bring our design concepts to market affordably and effectively.

AVID Labs® Lighting is a segment of AVID Labs®, a product design company. Our company’s name is especially apt. We truly are avid designers, engineers and machinists – innovators constantly striving to create the best products possible with the utmost appreciation for clean design and solid execution.

AVID Labs® aims for an ideal, people-centric functionality, achieved through an alloy of usefulness, aesthetics and manufacturability.

Let our team help you create the product you envisioned.

Together, we can make great things!